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Consumers live in a Mobile World these days.

An App offers the opportunity to connect with them anywhere employing the most used device nowadays

The Mobile Phone!

We have more than     years of experience in this field with a world-wide clientele.  In fact we can develop from a simple and basic App to a fully functional and competitive E-Commerce Solution, Game Solution, B2B and B2C professional Solution, Restaurant App, Real Estate App and much more.


By our experience some of our client had double the income of their business thanks to the App we build with them.

For some products or services the App is the best platform to reach the majority of the customers today.


App Marketing Orientation

With Dubai Marketing Experts you will have the chance to rely on our expertise with:


  • Design
  • Concept
  • Easy Solution for any problem
  • Promotions among a vast range of chanels

We do provide an Excellent App Development on the following platforms:

  • Mobile Marketing suck as:
  • IOS for Iphone
  • Android for Samsung and all the other brands using Android
  • Windows Phone
  • BlackBerry
  • Ipad Application Development
  • Facebook Application Development

discover milions of contacts


Ensure that you App is built on time, with a budget and a clear scope and business model.


1) Do you have an Idea for you app?


Be sure you can trust us. Our commitment is to keep your idea confidential. We can sign an NDA before getting started to ensure you the maximum peace of mind.

After this we can start to talk about your project.



2) Development


This is the most important part of the whole project. We need to make sure we are in on the same page. So we will take time to analyze your idea to make sure we have a detailed understanding of your concept. We will together make sure to point all the aspects of your App idea, analyze any possible problem and find the best solution before we get started.



3) Design


This part it’s really important as we want to create an App, user friendly and catchy. The scope is to put interest in our users and make sure they come back. This us why we give maximum attention to the design. Our designers team is totally European (Italy, France, Greece etc.) to ensure you will have the fine taste in terms of unique design. We will keep you posted with daily updates on the progress to achieve the best result possible.

4) Testing and App Solidity


Our goal is to deliver a flawless application to represent your brand. This is why we will take care of integration and system testing throughout the entire app development.  We will make sure that you will get a perfectly functioning product represent your brand.



5) Launch


Now you can lay back and relax, we will take care of your App launch in any platform you need.

This is an exciting time, so we want to make sure that everything will go well. Place the right catchy app description, keywords and all the other information to ensure a smooth launch of your App!



6) Support Over Time


Once you App is up and running we will not leave you alone. On the opposite we will offer you constant support for new operating system, new platform on the market, to change or add any aspect of the app is needed to make sure it’s working the way you want.

Your Success it’s our Success!

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